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V - Cradles

Ideal for Sea kayakers who have to load their kayak onto their vehicle on their own, making them the ideal partner for our Kayak Roof Loader.
It makes it easy to load and unload your kayak, no strain and stress, ideal with high vehicles.
No need to purchase expensive and bulky loading systems adding more wind resistance than necessary.

To assist with loading, we now offer a V - Cradle with two rollers, this cradle is mounted at the rear to help loading your kayak onto the roof much easier.


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  • Complete with fitting kit and strap.
  • Extremely high quality and well finished.
  • Manufactured from 12mm High Quality Virgin Polypropylene with 10mm closed cell foam, stainless steel studs, fitting kit and alloy plates.
When ordering please let us know your roof bar make.


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V Cradle with rollers

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