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Over the last two years we have been perfecting our latest innovation,  a new concept of locking system to protect your valuable Sea Kayak from theft off your roof or wherever you are leaving it.   
The KYLOK  fits inside a hatch with an Alloy plate sealing the hatch against the elements, a padlock and security cable, it's very easy to fit and locate the top plate securing it down with two retaining rings for the cable and the padlock.    
This Anti Theft Device is an excellent deterrent to stop the theft of your valuable Sea Kayak.   
It must be noted that if a thief wants to steal your possession and they have specialized cutting tools and they will steal it, this is an excellent kayak lock up to the job of being the best to stop theft.     The KYLOK is ideal for stopping the random theft in a car park or wherever your kayak is, taking the thief a long time to cut through the cable or what it is secured to, attracting attention from passers by.
The KYLOK is very secure and impossible to remove without the padlock key, the padlocks supplied are Marine Quality by ABUS and are manufactured to the highest quality, the security cable is also very high quality and not easy to cut through.
During our tests the only way to remove the KYLOK without a key would have been to cut it off or cut the kayak!    

No Tools or drilling holes are required.  

Comes complete with all parts, bottom and top plates,
1.5 m cable and marine grade padlock and to keep all together comes in a small 5L Dry Bag all made to the highest standards.

Model SH ... Only 6 available for Sweetie Hatches normal price will be £ 125.00 these are available as an introduction at a special price of only £100.00 complete including free delivery in the UK and islands.


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To order please note we have two sizes available.

SH.   To fit small day  hatches in front of Cockpit ( sweetie hatches ) only 6 available at the moment.

DH.    Fits a day hatch just behind the cockpit, we require the inside diameter of the hatch rim ( a few makes of hatches are different sizes )
         Not available for 2/3 weeks.

Bolts, nuts and D rings are stainless steel.
Top plate Alloy black passive coated, waterproofed with foam seal.
Padlock Marine Grade by Abus + 2 keys. 
1.5 meter security cable best quality and covered in plastic.
Comes supplied with it's own dry bag to keep all parts together.

Specifications may change without notice.







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