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Our J - Cradles are manufactured from true Virgin Polypropylene and we are the only company manufacturing using heat bending to ensure superior quality of Cradles.
High quality combined with design excellence make our J - Cradles  ... SIMPLY THE BEST ON THE MARKET.

NEW specification the shape for our J - Cradles now snuggle your kayak better than ever as they are now BESPOKE to your make and model of kayak at no extra cost and made to order.. Our J - Cradles do not lose their original preformed shape and will never flatten off!     Please note you should never leave your straps on the Cradles when not in use as most straps are not UV protected and will deteriorate in sunlight.

Transporting your valuable sea kayak on our J-Cradles allows them to take all the stress, shocks and vibration away your kayak, protecting it in transit.

Perfect fit for all Sea Kayaks, come complete with fitting kit and straps.


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  • Manufactured from 12mm virgin grade polypropylene, 10mm closed cell foam.  
  • Fittings for all models of roof bars, ( eg; Thule Aero and Slide Bars etc: ) 
  • Specifications are better than before.
  • UV protected.   
  • Do not keep your straps on the Cradles when not in use.
  • Free UK delivery on all product
Now bespoke to your make and model of kayak. 
When ordering please let us know your kayak make and your roof bar make.

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