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Explorer Trolley Sea Kayak and Canadian Canoe Trolley


One Trolley two uses

All new Sea Kayak and Canadian Canoe or Sit on Top Kayak Trolley, converts from the Sea Kayak Expedition Mark 5 Trolley to a wider trolley to carry a Canadian Canoe or Sit on Top Kayak, with a wider wheel base for larger hulls, can also be used for other crafts with wider hulls. No tools required and converts with ease and simplicity.

All our products are assembled tried and tested before being dispatched to our customers thus ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction.

Comes complete as a Mark 5 Expedition Trolley + centre section + longer axle at 800 mm ( approx ) + 3.5 m strap.
Two axles supplied one for Expedition at 580 mm and the other at 800 mm approx.

This model is ideal for transporting your Canadian Canoe on all kinds of portages, Sit on Top and Inflatable models are profiled to the shape of the hull depending on which make and design you have.

Very compact and light weight when packed away

Foam pads mold to the hull when the strap is tightened, extra width offering MUCH GREATER STABILITY.


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Comes complete with 10" wheels  either foam filled or the tubed version please state which ones are preferred.
Two axles are supplied one for the Expedition plus the longer one for the Explorer.

Free UK mainland delivery.

The two foam pads are attached to the frames with two keyholes in each main frame to locate them, they lock into place with no screws or nuts.

Easy to assemble and disassemble in seconds - No tools required

To dismantle remove the wheels, undo the main knurled hand nut and the trolley comes apart. The small locating pins on the pads are bonded in and cannot be undone.

Total length assembled: 580 mm in Expedition style
and 800 mm in wide style.

Easy Haul Harness

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Expedition Trolley Mark 5 10" Pneumatic tyres

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Expedition Trolley Mark 5 with 8" pneumatic tyres

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Expedition Trolley Mark 5 10" Foam Filled tyres

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ADVENTURER TROLLEY for Sit on Top Kayaks and Canadian Canoes

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