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Innovative Designs of Quality Sea Kayaking and Canoeing equipment


We specialise in the production of practical and durable kayak transportation systems made in Scotland by Sea Kayakers for Sea Kayakers.

Serious about kayaking ... creators who care.

Our products have been tried and tested for years. We only use the highest grade of materials available in our production. Our products are manufactured from 12mm polypropylene, high density foam and stainless steel.

Our J - Cradles and V - Cradles are designed to absorb all the shocks and vibration away from your valuable kayak while in transit. Our J-Cradles are manufactured specially for P & H, VALLEY, TIDERACE, NORTH SHORE and all makes and models of SEA KAYAKS.

Free Delivery on all products to UK mainland and some islands.


Are your J- Cradles made when I order?
Yes they are bespoke for your sea kayak and roof bar model

Can you make J-Cradles that would fit other types of hull?
Yes - we can in most cases - please send me details of your craft and we'll work it out. Also see our bespoke page for examples of bespoke projects.

Does your Sea Kayak Trolley fit inside a kayak hatch?
Our trolley comes apart, without tools , and fits inside all sea kayak hatches

I have an NDK kayak and want to order a trolley - I presume I will need the 8" wheels to fit the 10" hatch?
No - the 10" pneumatic tyres will fit into the 10" hatch.

Thule T-Track, Can you make a Fitting Kit for your Cradles to fit this track?
As the T - Track is too shallow at only 4mm to hold a Sea Kayak on the roof with the forces applied, we use a plate under the bar with two bolts going up into the Cradles, this is much more robust and stronger to allow you to transport your kayak.


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