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Having fitted out customers canoe trailers with our V Cradles for their Sea Kayaks this allows them to transport their boats securely and safely over short or long distances to the water. The V Cradles protect their investment as Sea Kayaks cost upwards from 2500 for composite models. We can collect a trailer for fitting out or come to the customer to fit the Cradles. Offering discounts for bulk purchases. 

GRP composite repairs and refurbishment of Sea Kayaks. We have invested in all the equipment and supplies required as we have done this before over the years and now a new member has joined our team a professional GRP specialist who's knowledge in this field is required for our high standards and customer satisfaction. We are also refurbishing secondhand sea kayaks for sale. All refurbishments and repairs are estimated before work commences and a firm delivery date for completition is given. We also can uplift from the customer or they can drop off. 

J -& V Cradles. All our J Cradles are made at point of order as we tailor these to the customers Make and Model of Sea Kayak this means that the kayak sits better for transporting on the roof of the vehicle. These are all bespoke and are proving very popular as we also supply the fitting kits for all roof bars including side loading, this is very popular as our J Cradles hold the sea kayak in the correct position and it doesn't slip while doing the straps. Over the last few years we have been replacing another make of Cradles as some have been having problems with boats slipping round and coming loose while in transit! All our products are made from a Polypropylene which is classed as virgin and has not been made from other excess products, we heat bend as this is the only way for Polypropylene to hold it's shape as any other form of bending does not stay cured in the original shape. 

Kayak and Canoe Trailer Fitting

We offer a trailer fitting service, to enable the transportation of large numbers of Kayaks and Canoes on a trailer using a mixture of J and V cradles. 
The photos above show one of the trailers we fitted for the Glenuig Inn using V-cradles.

Email or phone for further details.

Fiberglass and gelcoat repair services

This is a new service we are able to offer as a fibreglass professional has just joined our team.
A collection and drop off service is available.
We will give a full quotation on sight of the repair required.
Please phone or email for details - before and and after images to follow!

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